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Cancellation of paper certificates of title from October 11 2021.

With the move to electronic conveyancing continuing, paper Certificates of Title will be abolished on the 11th of October 2021 to make way for an electronic model.

The change to eCTs will not change your ownership of your property, and evidence of your ownership of a property will still be recorded on the Torrens Title Register (“the Register”). For many property owners, the transition to eCTs will have little noticeable effect for them.

After completion of the transition of all titles in NSW to electronic format, your title will become a virtual record in an electronic register called the Register and your printed CT will lose its legal validity. If you sell your property, it will be transferred to the new owner’s name via a process of electronic conveyancing on the PEXA platform (Property Exchange Australia), which is already widely used in Australia.



If you own your property but it is subject to a registered mortgage, that title will automatically become an electronic title (or paperless title) controlled by the mortgagee (the bank).

Effectively, the paper certificate of title will be cancelled, and “control” of the electronic certificate of title will be given to the registered first mortgagee bank.  Instead of relying on a paper title in your hands for control it will be more or less controlled by whoever is registered as security holder electronically.


If you have any questions regarding these changes please contact our office on (02) 4323 1900.