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A recent decision by the High Court of Australia has determined that a man who donated his sperm to a friend is indeed a legal parent of the child.

The question “Who is a parent?” is one that has never been easily answered in Australia. Is it about biology? Is it about who the child views as their parent? Is it about who is involved in the child’s life? Is it about what the intention is at the time of conception?

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A Sydney woman’s Facebook post has gone viral, after she was fined $337 because her passenger was using Facetime whilst she was driving. In her Facebook post, the driver writes:

“Tell your passengers to stay off their phones while you are driving, I got fined because my passenger was on FaceTime.”

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In Court proceedings generally, parties do not have to have a lawyer and are entitled to represent themselves or ‘self-represent’. This can become a problem when it comes to a Trial and the parties need to be cross-examined, especially in circumstances where there is a history of the self-represented party perpetrating family violence upon the other.

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